NWT Consulting is a well-established Consultancy company offering a wide range of advisory services from sourcing strategy and management of the sourcing programme, technical advisory services including data centre and cloud strategy migration and implementation through to workplace and network design advisory. 

We have broad experience and a long list of on-going projects with a significant reputation in the world of business. 

Why choose NWT ?

NWT Consulting not only have a range of SMEs (Subject Mater Experts), we also have multiple associates with industry and technology skills and experience specialising in different key areas, so with our combined knowledge and experience means we are able to offer excellent solutions as well as advice and if there is a new Technology about to be released you can rest assure that someone within our team is testing it.    

At NWT we are passionate about IT and want to deliver the right solution to meet your business needs.  We are different to some other IT providers as we like to provide the right solution by listening to your business requirements and understanding where you are and where you want to be before suggesting a solution – rather than the ever so common ‘just providing a solution' approach leaving the customer to work out how to use it to achieve the business outcomes.

NWT provides consultancy services to a number of businesses (ranging from companies with just 10 employees up-to over 1000). 

Our 4D Framework





With reference to sciences and academic disciplines, discovery is the observation of new phenomena, new actions, or new events and providing new reasoning to explain the knowledge gathered through such observations; with previously acquired knowledge from abstract thought and everyday experiences.

We need our teams not only to focus on the technology journey, but more over to focus on the Business outcomes of the program, when planning and responding to our clients. Most transition responses focus on the obvious technical tangible aspects and they fail to generate the sustained business improvement.

This requires the whole team to really understand the drivers of our customers business and the benefits required by the business strategy. It is this understanding that enables the relentless focus on aligning decisions with the business objectives and ensuring that every action contributes to the delivery of benefits to our customers.

Good Project managers do not sit back and monitor history; they actively go out and manage the future. All good leaders exude and create inertia and enthusiasm towards achieving their objectives – resources need to be energized and to be good leaders and own/enable quality solutions and delivery plans to be delivered.

Our goal at NWT is to provide quality solutions, focused on security and underpinned by future-proof services. 

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