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Our Mission is to help Accelerate the Growth and Success of our Clients

Simplifying the complex
At NWT we believe Technology should be simple to understand and use, if it is not then we break the component down in to bite sized chunks so that it is.

Sharing knowledge and expertise
As our clients navigate the unprecedented challenges around them, we share our experiences and expertise to help them build positive business outcomes and plan for success.

Providing benefits-led services
and solutions

Our benefits-led portfolio of IT products and services enables our clients to focus their efforts where they are strong and can add the most value to their business.

Open, friendly and honest communication
Open and honest two-way communication is vital for relationships in business. Sometimes the truth hurts, but unless we say what is on our mind and openly discuss issues before they become problems, we cannot build a healthy and strong relationship

An unswerving commitment to doing what is right

We are totally committed to doing what is right for our people, our clients and our environment. Our commitment is to take small steps everyday that will make a greater positive impact to the people and world around us. We accept no excuses, only results.

Creating an inclusive and positive work environment
NWT recognises the unique character of each individual and encourages respect, listening and personal achievement. We offer a work environment where employees can develop professionally and build their careers.

Our Values

Our commitment to corporate responsibility

Volunteering Group

NWT is committed to looking after the communities in which we work and live, following sustainable business practices and to creating an inclusive and ethical workplace where diversity matters.

We strive to contribute to the growth of our people and customers through volunteering days, charitable events and fund raising activities. We have defined our social purpose and how everyone at NWT can work together to achieve it. We have eliminated paper including pamphlets, brochures, forms, company information and reports. Everyone at NWT is united behind our corporate responsibility and sustainability goals.