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As a result of the Covid 19 crisis, the world is a very different place and some deep and long-lasting changes are expected as we approach a “new normal”. NWT’s customer-focused services combine our specialised consulting capabilities and realworld experience to deliver the right solution and the right team to address the complex, critical business challenges our customers face in a time of unprecedented disruption and change. At NWT, we provide consultancy on digital transformation (DX) and the set of skills needed to deliver DX. 

"Working with NWT has been a pleasure and a seamless experience. We required independent assurance of a major change programme, NWT provided the in-depth industry knowledge and experience to do this, meeting our and the client’s needs. Highly recommended I would not hesitate to work with them again."

Darren Austin, SVP UK & Ireland Chief Engineer - ATOS


"The team at NWT have helped use Agile approach to develop a minimum viable product for our emerging platform, this has enabled us to demonstrate to potential investors the market opportunity, they have exceeded our expectations."

Steve Crouch MD

SRC Accounting 


Cost savings of


For a large global retailer, NWT were able to incorporate richer functionality such as specialised and parallel processors and virtualisation into their 43-year old technology. We also provided support for new technologies such as service-oriented architecture (SOA), Linux and Java to ensure their mainframe systems continued to support their critical and non-stop workloads.

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NWT helped a multi-national finance client, that spent a large portion of their data centre budget in licensing, supporting and maintaining their legacy mainframe environment, achieve significant operational and performance benefits from a new Platform as-as-Service (PaaS) that removed the risk of outages and service disruptions resulting from additional capacity, a tenfold improvement in transaction volumes and response times by 97%.

NWT helps a global savings, retirement and insurance business serving more than 33 million customers

Challenges faced


The client, which operated critical national infrastructure in a highly regulated sector, had the appetite for change, but lacked the strategy and capability required to execute the need. The programme of work included migrating a mainframe and 3,000 servers and related storage from a data centre located on a flood plane to a more hardened and operationally efficient location.


Our solution


The first step on the journey was to work in partnership with both the client and the new data centre service provider to understand the challenges they were experiencing. During a period of Discovery, NWT ensured that the customer and the service provider fully understood what was required – in terms of business insights and technology understanding of the business processes, applications, data and storage. NWT then worked with the client, incumbent and future service provider to build an appropriate risk-based decisions criteria and mitigation approaches that would enable all parties to be successful. Once this initial Discovery Phase was complete, NWT helped the client develop a programme of work that enabled the migration to be successfully executed in just 18 months.


Success factors


NWT evaluated the situation, re-planned the programme of work and delivered the project against an extremely aggressive timeline.


During the Discovery Phase, NWT ascertained that the client’s legacy systems had not been upgraded for many years, allowing significant technical debt and risk to build up. NWT created a roadmap that enabled the client to migrate to a more hardened, secure and operationally efficient data centre, immediately reducing the significant costs associated with the existing technical debt.

NWT helps one of the world’s most successful life insurance, pension, retirement and asset management organisations

Challenges faced


The client had planned a programme of work that involved migrating complex business processes from a legacy on-premise architecture to the cloud. They were working with a strategic partner to help them deliver the project, but there were concerns from all sides that the large budget allocated would not deliver the required outcomes. The project had stalled and there was an urgent requirement to review and realign the existing migration strategy so that the business outcomes required by the client could be achieved.


Our Solution


The first step was to conduct a critical friend review, examining the work conducted to date. NWT provided the services of an experience CTO, who worked at the client’s premises alongside both client and service provider migration teams. He brought significant insights, ideas and experience and quickly identified why the programme had floundered. It became immediately clear that the roadmap to move from the current mode of operation to the new service was flawed as it was based on technology, not on the needs of the business.

NWT helped the client to articulate the business requirements, to fully understand the complexity of the programme and the challenges and risks that must be overcome if the end goal was to be achieved. This in turn made it possible for all parties to work together to discuss multiple routes to achieve the business outcomes required. The CTO facilitated the creations of a new strategy and roadmap for change that kick started the project into action.


Success factors


NWT became a true critical friend helping the client to become more forward-looking and understanding of strategic actions. We locked down value from both a customer and service provider perspective and provided a realistic plan accounting for the required talent and skillsets, time horizons and appetite for risk of all parties.

NWT help deliver a complex, multi-national, data centre migration programme 


Cancom UK provide IT services to a wide variety of global customers across a range of sectors. In the summer of 2019, Cancom were approached by a US affiliate to assist Kontoor Brands Inc, a major fashion retailer (owner of Lee Wrangler and other household brands) to deploy strategic green-field data-centre co-locations as part of a major IT transformation.Working in conjunction with Kontoor’s IT service partner (a major global IT service provider), Cancom procured, shipped, install and build the required IT systems in each location. This included core LAN and WAN networks (including APIC fabric), SAN storage, Wintel compute platforms, Nutanix clusters and IBM P-Series servers. Additionally, Cancom UK would supply and install all of the structured cabling required to support the deployment in the co-lo data-centre.


NWT provided end-to-end project management and technical design services to Cancom to help assure the Kontoor Brands delivery. We deployed a Project Management and Design team to work with Cancom and the Kontoor management team to develop and agree the scope of the project and produce a detailed and comprehensive statement of work.Cancom’s expert team of technical specialists worked with Cancom’s partners in the target regions to define the technical deliverables and the project requirements to be able to present to Kontoor a comprehensive and holistic project approach.


Despite challenging timeframes, logistical complexity, multiple delivery partners and external challenges (an unstable political climate in Hong Kong for example,) the EMEA and APAC deployments were delivered to cost, time and specification. NWT’s Programme methodology and the global, subject-matter expertise within Cancom resulted in a successful deployment for Kontoor Brands and excellent customer feedback for Cancom along with the establishment of a long-term relationship with a major global company.

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"We have worked with Glenn and the NWT team on multiple assignments over the last 12 months - they have great insight into IT challenges and solutions and, most importantly, they always turn up and make a difference."

Martin Southgate


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"Cancom are delighted with the value delivered by the team at NWT. They have a level of expertise around IT transformation that helped us both win business and improve our managed services operation. I would not hesitate to recommend NWT."


Martin Hess



"Working with NWT has enabled us to better understand how the IT Strategy support the Business Strategy whilst reducing cost and ensuring we invest in growth agenda."

Jason Young


"NWT led the design and deployment of the entire workplace technology landscape utilising Cloud only Microsoft architecture for our new joint venture. He is one of those rare individuals who knows what good looks like and gets it done." 

Mark Douglas 

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"The Change Foundation have worked with Glenn and the NWT Team to create positive social impact using Technology.  They have helped us develop and implement a range of ideas. Thanks for making the complex tech world simple."

Andy Sellins CEO