Cloud & Data Centre Migration


For companies that are looking to move to the cloud or migrate between data centres or if you want to build a hybrid cloud environment.


If you are a CIO or CDO with pressure to transform their infrastructure faster and at a lower cost but do not have the expertise or the resources to perform that migration. 

Our solution:

We provide advisory and architecture services coupled with our digital programme management office solutions to help you build the correct strategy and plan and execute the migration. 

And enables:

No upfront costs, we provide simple packages that enable you to get started fast without the massive costs associated with common advisory type services. 

Thanks to:

NWT does not approach cloud and data centre migrations the same as other service providers. We believe in using the latest visual analytics and machine learning technologies coupled with rapid business case development and migration plan development tools to make migrations faster, cheaper and with less risk associated with the move. 

Analysis of your applications portfolio, development of your new target architecture. Creation of your application and infrastructure landing zones and migration methods reports and run books.   

We can run your migration programme including build out and workload migration via our digital programme office capability.