For companies that are looking to embrace Public Cloud services.


If you are running workloads in a traditional on-premise and are looking to :


  • Reduce your total cost of ownership.

  • Simplify your infrastructure delivery, move to a true software-defined infrastructure.

  • Improve your security and enable future innovation, take advantage of new technology solutions, e.g. database as a service solution.


Our solution:

NWT offers a proven methodology for the migration of workloads.


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Our service provides migration options including automated migrations for simple / standard workloads or semi-automated migration solutions for complex workloads.

Workload Analysis
  • Target objectives, e.g. technology refresh, DR, improved availability, compliance requirements.

  • Workload characteristics – size, nature (transactional/static), complexity and security requirements.

  • Application type – e.g. portal, mobile app, analytics tools, collaboration platform, decision support dashboards, enterprise data warehouses.

  • Application owners and affected stakeholders – assess key stakeholder challenges around performance and availability.

Target Landing Zone Design and Build
  • We design and build your landing zone including your VPC, availability zones and management systems.

Scale Migration 
  • Once your target landing zone has been deployed it is time to select the most appropriate migration method, this maybe semi-automated (for complex workloads) or automated (for standard workloads).

  • Standard workloads in our experience typically constitute the majority of an organisations migration requirements. 


  • Once your workloads have been migrated public cloud services provide an excellent opportunity to rightsize your infrastructure footprint.

  • Move long running workloads to reserved instances or utilise archive solutions to store infrequently accessed data. 

junkshon application mapping

junkshon workload analysis application

And enables:
  • Minimise downtime with live migrations; we utilise the best of breed tools to assist in the migration process 

  • We perform test migrations before go-live ensuring all systems and operational procedures are working

  • Expert skills & repeatable processes used for the entire process from inventory assessment, migration execution to reporting

  • Faster Go-live with Multiple Concurrent Migrations

Thanks to:

An experienced team that has migrated applications between on-premise data centre solutions to the cloud as well as building and deploying native cloud applications.


NWT uses junkshon's accelerator process and platform to rapidly assess your applications and infrastructure portfolio.

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