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Digital Consulting Services

Helping you succeed in the digital economy

Empower your organisation to think digitally

Companies can no longer afford to just dabble at the edges of Digital Transformation (DX). Business imperatives are evolving at breakneck speed, heightened by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is no longer possible to craft long-term strategies, assign responsibility and performance targets and execute a three- to five-year plan. Today, you need to be able to respond to highly-volatile customer demand and adapt to severe disruption and change at dizzying pace.

NWT provides a portfolio of Digital Consultancy Services that will enable you to outmanoeuvre uncertainty and gain above market growth and sustainable competitive advantage. We achieve this by helping you implement an intelligent DX journey that balances speed and value and embraces the key digital imperatives that are shaping our world: improved agility, an aligned IT and business strategy, delivering a world-class user experience and ensuring the business is cost-effective.

NWT’s customer-focused Digital Consultancy Services combine our specialised consulting experience and capabilities to deliver the right solution and the right team required to address the complex, critical business challenges our customers face as they embark on their DX journey.

Devising and implementing an effective DX strategy aligned with business goals can be a daunting task. At NWT, we are happy to share our considerable experience to support you on your DX journey. We will enable you to change your operating model in order to achieve higher levels of business performance coupled with increased agility.


We have a diverse team of digital experts who will help you incorporate digital technology into all aspects of your organisation. Working in partnership with your internal teams, we will help you unify your infrastructure, drive change to the traditional ways of doing business and empower your organisation to think and act digitally.


At NWT, we provide C-Level consultancy on Cloud, analytics, application development and modernisation, security as well as workplace and mobility services. NWT has experience across a range of industry verticals including healthcare, retail, banking, telecoms, and manufacturing. We deliver IT solutions that focus on industry specifics, whilst also leveraging the experience and learnings from one industry to another, to deliver further business performance improvement.

Empower your organisation to act digitally


In order to deliver better customer service, deepen customer engagement and create new, more profitable business models companies need to think and act digitally.

Our portfolio of Digital Consultancy Services will help you identify and unlock new business and customer experience opportunities at pace. Once you have a clear picture of what can be achieved, we will help you develop a data-driven vision that bridges the gap between your current state and your future, digitally-enabled state.

DX Foundation

The first step when embarking on the DX journey is to determine your level of digital maturity and identify how your organisation needs to change to become truly digital.


Audit and gap analysis
NWT will help you understand how your organisation sits alongside your peers so that you are able to make informed decisions to improve your market position. We will then work with you to identify opportunities for innovation, realising business value and increasing your competitive advantage.


NWT provides a range of independent services that are designed to deliver your DX imperatives in a timely and cost effective manner. Importantly, they will also help to determine if your DX strategy is really feasible from a number of different perspectives – cost; risk profile; timeline, performance, sustainability and scalability as well as the resources needed to ensure the success of the programme.

Implementation support

Creating a strategy and roadmap is effectively useless without the correct execution. NWT will work shoulder-to-shoulder with your own team to ensure your DX programme delivers the strategic outcomes required within the agreed cost, risk and timeline parameters. 



Project Management
Our experienced Project Managers, Consultants and Engineers will help you navigate your DX journey and ensure it delivers the required outcomes. From initial discussions with stakeholders through ongoing strategic advice and guidance during programme execution to post programme assessment, NWT can provide complete support.

Turn around failing projects
Almost inevitably with something as complex as a DX journey things won’t always go to plan. So, if your DX programme has slowed, is running over agreed timescales or is just not delivering as it should, NWT will assess the programme to understand why it has gone wrong and propose a Recovery Plan to get the programme ‘back to green’. We will act in an ongoing advisory role to the programme on your behalf to ensure the programme progresses in the right direction or we will assume full responsibility depending on what is right for your business.

Skilled resource
While the right processes and associated enabling technology are crucial, having the right skills on-board is fundamental to the success of any digital transformation. From Cloud computing specialists, security experts, data scientists, data architects to user experience designers, digital trainers, conversational brand strategists to digital and workplace managers, NWT will provide the skills you need to complement your own. Working partnership with your own team, they will share their deep practitioner knowledge in infrastructure, applications, cyber security, customer experience and the intelligent workplace for the benefit of your DX programme.