Onsite Services


If you need to deliver workplace site services to your employees or customers at scale with remote and onsite support services. 


Ensure your staff and customers have access to a complete productivity suite coupled with the latest hardware builds all securely delivered by NWT.

Our solution:

Our Desktop Services can provide an end-to-end service that takes you from purchase order to completed installation to desk.


Services include, imaging, asset tagging and inventory recording, security marking, phased rollouts, delivery to the desk and end-user training. 

The flexibility to introduce and easily support any device and BYOD requirements.

And enables:

Reduce IT team resource requirements as a result of the managed service. NWT uses its common base desktop image that it then configures to meet your specific business needs, this reduces the management and patching overheads. 


Costly managed services where new service introduction or changes to existing services cost extra. 

NWT works to understand your current and future workplace needs to build an evergreen roadmap for refresh and upgrades. 

Thanks to:

NWT serves organisations across the private and public sectors, with extensive experience in delivering to a wider variety of industry sectors including Service Providers, Telecommunications companies, Energy, FSI and Public Sector.