Project Management Services 


If you need programme delivery services for delivering your next large-scale transformation or delivering a new digital service.


Make sure their team is equipped with the right IT equipment, Focus on their core business.

Our solution:

Flexible Resources on Demand : Turn it on, turn it off, turn it up or turn it down.  Deploy the right people skills, at the right time, on the right projects. 

And enables:

No upfront charge, one-stop-shopping, evolution.


Don't buy expensive project management services.

Thanks to:

Using our project management services portfolio you don't just get a resource you get a delivery focused project management team backed by NWT technical capabilities. 


Project Management office: Efficient Project Delivery needs an effective PMO that connects the technology teams with the business outcomes. 

Process and Methodology: Waterfall approach or faster Agile delivery all underpinned by 4 d's methodology.


Cost Model: A straightforward commercial model. We provide a simple pricing model that allows you to buy the project services you require. When your project has finished you can simply turn off the service. No long-term commercial terms and conditions.