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The Digital Imperative

Companies can no longer afford to just dabble at the edges of Digital Transformation (DX). Business imperatives are evolving at breakneck speed, heightened by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is no longer possible to craft long-term strategies, assign responsibility and performance targets and execute a three- to five-year plan. Today, you need to be able to respond to highly-volatile customer demand and adapt to severe disruption and change at dizzying pace. 

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COVID-19 supply chain problems

The NHS supply chain was tested in recent weeks following the outbreak of COVID19. Can businesses learn from how the NHS supply chain managed their suppliers and logistics? Supply chains are deeply reliant on efficient and reliable logistics, with continually available suppliers. As the NHS has found out - redesigning of supply chains to respond to a different operating model is particularly hard in the current crisis and any real innovation in the NHS supply chain is difficult given that all of the supply chain experts are essentially focused on the delivery and optimization using the Japanese supply chain methodology – Just In Time (JIT). The NHS is the tip of the iceberg – industry needs to start the same journey the NHS has commenced.



Rapid Assessment infographic

Our Programme Assessment service provides an independent review of the technical and non-technical aspects of your DX programme including digital maturity, risk profile and benefits realisation plan. Our analytics platform uses software and artificial intelligence to deliver detailed insight into your IT infrastructure and application estate data and then applies digitised experience, learnings and what-if capability to build a smart DX change programme. Work is executed in weekly sprints with a ceremony at the end of each week to review interim findings and metrics together with recommendation to continue to improve the overall programme success. Our Agile review process ensures that your DX programme is structured correctly and is delivering against agreed milestones. 



Mainframe Migration Viewpoint by Neil Kelley

New and emerging Technologies, Digital Transformation and the modernisation of computing platforms are at the forefront of company’s mind as they take an exciting look at how projects for artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, cloud migration and even the use of drones can help them to achieve their core vision.

However, against this backdrop, the mainframe remains industry’s premier data server for mission-critical workloads:

  • 220 BILLION lines of mainframe application code are in use today, and 5 billion more are added every year. This represents multiple decades of investment in business rules and process logic.

  • 80% of enterprise data and 71% of all Fortune 500 companies’ core businesses reside on a mainframe.

  • 30 BILLION mainframe transactions occur every day

  • The mainframe still powers 92 of the world’s top 100 banks and 23 of the top 25 global retailers. So, for years, companies have been battling with the question of the mainframe, `should I stay or should I go?`



Contact Tracing

Major corporations (Apple, Microsoft and Google) will release NHS contact tracing app in June 2020 in the United Kingdom and North America to assist return to work activity. 


Your business can use the contact tracing solution being implemented in the UK. This will be based on a phone app, and your employees should use whilst they are on your premises. However, the contact tracing app will only fulfill its potential if a large proportion of the employees uses it.      



The Time To Migrate Is Now

Windows 2008/R2 is approaching its formal end-of-support, tens of thousands of services and applications run on Windows 2008/R2. Windows 2008 operating system received mass adoption, and with the introduction of Virtualised software technology, it became the go-to operating system. Any organisation using Windows 2008/R2 needs to address this technical debt sooner rather than later.

Use this NWT technology advisory paper to understand what you can do and how we can help you operate your business services.




Cloud Services, Data Centre Migration

Data Management Strategy

In today's data-driven world it is widespread to hear words like Master Data Management (MDM), Big Data, Machine Learning and Data lakes. Many organisations are researching different ways to deploy the most valuable data management processes and technology. The combination of competitive on-premise solutions, hybrid vendors offering private and public solutions along with pure public cloud providers means this market is complicated to understand and navigate correctly for the best out for your organisation. With new compliance regulations coming to the industry, e.g. GDPR makes selecting a strategic solution and technology more complex.




Data Centre & Cloud Migration Services

NWT powered by junkshon enables rapid analysis and assessment of your applications and infrastructure to inform your Cloud strategy and help you make the right decisions and move faster.