Rapid Programme Assessment (RPA)


Organisations that are delivering complex Programmes that are looking for an independent review to ensure that the programme is still executing and on track.


Our RPA service is for programme and delivery teams we ensure that the teams have the right processes and tools to achieve the business outcomes.

Our solution:

A structured methodology we call Discover that is used to capture key metrics to assess the programme status, we use an analytics platform to measure your programme against industry metrics.


RPA includes (programme plan maturity review, risk profile analysis and benefits realisation plan).
The NWT review assesses the technical and non-technical aspects of the Programme.

And enables:

A fast review to ensure that the programme is structured correctly and delivering the right business outcomes.
NWT does not just perform a review but also makes specific recommendations with high-level implementation approaches to improve the overall programmes success.


We conduct a structured inspection using our Discover methodology underpinned by our analytics platform. We execute in weekly sprints with a ceremony at the end of each week to review interim findings and metrics.

Thanks to:

NWT foundations come from its experience of developing and delivering some of the most complex information technology programmes in the industry.

NWT brings to bear senior business, programme, solution design and CTO skillsets to help solve our clients most complex problems.

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