Security Consulting


If you are concerned about your security posture or are looking to perform an independent audit NWT can help assess, recommend improvements and implement the required service improvement actions.


If you are a CIO/CISO responsible for security and compliance of your information technology environments. 

Our solution:

Most companies treat security as different silos encompassing physical, cyber and personnel security as separate silos.  Our end to end approach enables you to get a better understanding of the overall security level for your organisation. 


We use Discover phase in our 4D  methodology along with risk management and security assessments to understand the maturity of your controls.

And enables:

Our approach to consultancy is designed to apply clear and cohesive insights to your security objectives.


We are not like other consultancy companies, we come from a delivery background so we understand the need to keeping the costs down and consultancy engagements concise. 

Thanks to:

Our company foundation is based on a collective 50+ years of solution design and service delivery experience.

We have deep experience in the area of designing security controls, implementing those controls using process/technology and helping customers remediate technical security risk.


Our consultancy services cover many different areas here are few of our key offerings : 

  • Process Assessments

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Risk and Compliance Assessments

  • Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking Tests

  • Newworld Technology