Antivirus Services


Customers that are looking to protect their digital assets and company information.


If you are the CIO or CISO, protecting company information and ensuring that your digital assets are fully protected from threats is a number one priority in today's connected world. 

Our solution:

NWT fully managed antivirus solutions maximise protection against hard to detect threats and both known and potential viruses.


NWT virus protection management services include: 

  • Real-time monitoring and behavioural scanning services

  • Remote management 

  • Scheduling scanning and customisable policies

  • Automatic updates 

And enables:
  • Reduces the risk of information leaks

  • Protection against new & emerging viruses 

  • Reduces downtime by identifying and fixing threats early in the detection cycle


Other service providers NWT virus protection services can be purchased on a monthly basis using our simple subscription model. 
Also, these services can be purchased as part of our office 365 and workplace services offerings. 

Thanks to:

NWT has years of experience in delivering complex managed server operations for organisations across the private and public sectors, with extensive experience in providing services to a variety of industry sectors including Service Providers, Telecommunications companies, Energy, FSI and Public Sector.

We have many years of experience in the delivery of network solutions, across a wide range of industries.