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Business imperatives are evolving at breakneck speed, heightened by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is no longer possible to craft long-term strategies, assign responsibility and performance targets and execute a three- to five-year plan. Today, you need to be able to respond to highly-volatile customer demand and adapt to severe disruption and change at dizzying pace. NWT has significant skills and capabilities in the infrastructure, applications, network and security space. We are also on top of impressive technological breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, robotics and analytics and visualisation that are reshaping our world. We have an experienced team of highly-skilled consultants and engineers – all experts in their field, who will deliver the right blend of innovation, invention and technology, while also being mindful of costs.

Consulting Services

Over the past five years, NWT has utilised its own industry experts coupled with strategic partnerships to offer a range of enterprise-grade Consultancy Services that are designed to help our clients embrace the digital world and modernise their IT. Our experts tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained whilst working at CEO, CTO, CFO level to deliver immediate and sustainable value for our clients

  • Our Programme Assessment service provides an independent review of the technical and non-technical aspects of your digital transformation programme including digital maturity, risk profile and benefits realisation plan. Our analytics platform uses software and artificial intelligence to deliver detailed insight into your IT infrastructure and application estate and then applies digitised experience, learnings and what-if capability to identify changes required to support delivery of the DX imperatives.

  • Keeping technology up-to-date takes time, money and resource. Our Refresh Services reduce the time and costs associated with technical currency management.

  • NWT Agile Development Teams will work shoulder-to-shoulder with your own to create new applications or introduce innovation to existing business processes.

  • Designed for the CEO, CIO or CTO looking to embark on a digital transformation programme, 
    CTO as-a-Service 
    provides an actionable and prioritised programme of work, detailed business case and delivery milestones. NWT will provide a senior digital transformation Consultant, with real world-experience who will work with you to determine your level of digital maturity, where you sit against your peers and where you should go, in DX terms, to gain competitive advantage based on in-depth understanding of how to combine the latest technologies and advances to deliver transformational business change.

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Programme Management


NWT can provide senior, experienced Programme Directors to manage multiple programmes of work with complex integrations on your behalf. They have real-world experience and understand how to combine the latest technologies and advances to deliver transformational business change. The impressive skill sets of our Programme Directors enable them to plan, coordinate and execute mission critical projects according to extremely demanding requirements and constraints – on time and to budget.

Cloud Services

When you are staring at a huge complex transformation, you may be tempted to attack it on many fronts, or you may not even know where to start. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. NWT can help you start with small steps and learn as you go. We will help you gain understanding and proficiency that will help you transform your applications by hosting, extending or building them on IaaS or PaaS platforms with increased momentum. We can help you move to the cloud seamlessly, whether you are migrating existing applications or developing new ones from scratch. We follow a benefits led approach to cloud migration and deliver the full stack of cloud services and capabilities required to modernise your IT infrastructure, improve overall productivity among your staff, reduce your overheads and make your business more flexible. We work with the best partners in the world including:


Workplace and Mobility

The modern working environment requires a new mobile way of working, with seamless, invisible IT solutions that put people at the centre of everything you do. Our Workplace and Mobility services are designed to empower productivity through consumer-like experiences across your organisation. We provide a suite of Office 365 advisory, transformation and ongoing management services that overcome the challenges and complexities of moving workloads to the cloud. We provide fully managed Service Desk solutions that are designed to encourage self-help, self-heal and resolve issues on first point of contact. We can deliver both on and off-site support for your IT infrastructure and applications including Office 365.

NWT led the design and deployment of the entire workplace technology landscape utilising a Cloud only Microsoft architecture for our new joint venture. Glenn and his team know what good looks like and work extremely well to get projects done on time and budget.

Mark Douglas