Workplace and Mobility

Helping you create a more social, mobile, accessible and data-driven work environment

Benefit from better ways of working

As a result of the Covid 19 crisis, the world is a very different place.The modern working environment requires a new mobile way of working, with seamless, invisible IT solutions that put people at the centre of everything you do. Users expect the same experience of IT at work as they enjoy at home and the boundaries between the two are blurring, both in terms of defined working hours and devices being used.

Our Workplace and Mobility services are designed to empower productivity through consumer-like experiences across your organisation - regardless of the location of your employees. Our services enable flexible working practices such as remote working, use of different device types to access data regardless of location and enhanced collaboration tools. We provide a suite of Office 365 advisory, transformation and ongoing management services that overcome the challenges and complexities of moving workloads to the Cloud. We provide fully managed Service Desk solutions that are designed to encourage self-help, self-heal and resolve issues on first point of contact. We can deliver both on and off-site support for your IT infrastructure and applications including Office 365.

Remote working

Many companies are experiencing workforce disruption at unprecedented scale and speed. Our portfolio of Workplace and Mobility services are designed to help our clients stay productive, embrace new ways of working and capitalise on the global changes taking place around them. NWT can help you navigate workforce shifts to the Cloud and empower and protect your employees regardless of where they are working. We will help you outmanoeuvre uncertainty and create a productive, inclusive and rewarding remote working environment  so that you can better serve your customers. 


Desktop Services

The desktop is a complex challenge. Employees want to choose their own devices from a rapidly expanding list of device types, resulting in multiple operating systems and varying form factors. They also want to access services and applications across multiple device types, including personally owned PCs. Add to that the growing availability of public file sharing and collaboration services. All of this creates data security and compliance headaches.

Using industry standard components and purpose-built tools NWT will quickly transform your end user computing environments into a consistent, managed up-to-date and secure productive platform.


We can provide an end-to-end service that takes you from purchase order to completed installation of the desk including imaging, Asset tagging and inventory recording, security marking, phased rollouts, delivery to the desktop and end user training. Our services provide the flexibility to introduce and easily support any device and BYOD.

You will be able to reduce IT team resource requirements as a result of the managed service. NWT uses its common base desktop image that it then configures to meet your specific business needs, this reduces the management and patching overheads. 

Collaboration Services

Collaboration Services sit at the heart of a digitised environment. NWT can provide services to meet your compute and workload needs as you transform to a Cloud environment that supports the new way of doing business, where traditional IT and cloud work together to accelerate new foundations, workflows, and development platforms that current and future applications demand.


Hosting is delivered as-a-service through a traditional data centre environment or through other cloud providers such as Azure or Amazon Web Services.


We can provide Network Services that will enable you to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your network, reduce complexity and risk while increasing network performance. For example, we can provide  a combination of desktop IP phones and soft phones installed on users PCs using a headset (which has additional benefit of allowing the phone number to follow the user regardless of their location). Using our centralised management location and tools, our Network Services cover the management of wide area network end-point devices, local area network switches and router devices. 


Services provided include: 

  • Network design and implementation including software defined network solutions enabling hybrid cloud adoption connecting your existing infrastructure to Public Cloud providers. 

  • Network monitoring services 

  • Management of network device configuration

  • Inventory management

  • IP address management.



Mobile Device Management - using Microsoft Intune

If you are the CIO or network services director trying to control the network perimeter of your enterprise and secure mobile devices. 

NWT can help design and build your mobile device management solution. 

We can build mobile device management solutions with granular application policies to control data access.

NWT mobile device management services include: 

  • Simplified access management and security services

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Mobile application management

  • Intelligent data classification and labeling

  • Security reporting.  

Service Desk

Putting the user at the centre of the digital workplace in a more social, mobile, accessible and data-driven work environment is key to the changes in working practice that are happening around us.


If you are looking for a Service Desk that can provide 360 degree support for all your IT services, then NWT can help. We use the latest Service Desk processes and tools to help improve the productivity and user experience of your users. There are no upfront charges, we deliver one-stop shopping and evergreen refresh.We provide a fully-managed Service Desk that includes:


  • Customer focused optimised processes and procedure design.​

  • Digital technology solutions working with industry leaders to bring the best fit technology solutions for your service desk requirements.